Zhenyu A Manager At Finertech Inc Needs To Inform An Employee


Zhenyu, a manager at Finertech Inc, needs to inform an employee who reports to him that he was not considered for a promotion. H

e intends to use a channel of communication that will allow him a great degree of control over his message. In this scenario, which of the following channels of communication should Zhenyu use?​
A) ​A written channel
B) ​A visual channel
C) ​A nonverbal channel
D) ​A kinesic channel




A) ​A written channel


Clear messages help to build faith and honesty between both the writer and the reader. Excellently-written communication helps to set priorities, to find problems and to come up with solutions. It’s very important across every area of business. Managers should compose memos explicitly so the workers comprehend the orders without misunderstanding. Successful writing allows the reader to completely comprehend what you’re saying. Tone will allow you to make writing very successful.

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