Yvette Earns A Salary Plus A Commission On Any Sales


Yvette earns a $45,000 salary plus a 12% commission on any sales over $10,000. Last year Yvette made $30,000 in sales. How much

did Yvette earn in salary plus commission ?



She earns commission on the amount of sales  over $10,000

Subtract 10,000 from her sales to get the amount she earns commission on:

30,000 – 10,000 = 20,000.

multiply that by the percent:

20,000 x 0.12 = 2400

She earned $2,400 in commission.

Now add that to her salary to find her total pay:

45,000 + 2,400 =  $47,400




Step-by-step explanation:

We have been given that Yvette earns 12% commission on any sales over $10,000. Last year Yvette made $30,000 in sales.

The amount on which Yvette will get commission would be \$30,000-\$10,000=\$20,000.

Since Yvette gets 12% commission, so amount earned as commission would be 12% of $20,000.

\text{Commission}=\$20,000\times \frac{12}{100}

\text{Commission}=\$20,000\times 0.12


Yvette also gets a salary of $45,000, so Yvette’s total earnings would be $45,000 plus $2,400.

\text{Yvette's total earnings}=\$45,000+\$2,400

\text{Yvette's total earnings}=\$47,400

Therefore, Yvette’s earned $47,400 in salary plus commission.

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