Your Uncle Pete Is Unemployed Uninsured And Has No Savings He


Your uncle Pete is unemployed, uninsured, and has no savings. He has a motorcycle accident and suffers a compound fracture to hi

s leg. Explain how he could still obtain health care, given his circumstances. How would this work?




Charity Care


Based on the information provided within the question it can be said that in this scenario the only way that Pete can obtain health care would be from Charity Care. This is a health care provided for free or at reduced prices to low income individuals. In order to get this health care Pete will need to prove that his annual gross income for the 12 months before your hospital care was not more than 200% of the federal poverty level, which in 2018 was $24,280



Charity care


Uncle Peter will obtain health care through CHARITY CARE because of his circumstances.

Charity care are free health care provider that is responsible for providing free health care for those that cannot afford it and at reduce price for those that can afford it but those does not have enough money that will cover their medical bill this are the low income patient.

Therefore CHARITY CARE will fully take care of Uncle Peter health or injury because he is unemployed, uninsured, and has no savings.

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