Your Job Is To Lift Kgkg Crates A Vertical Distance Of Mm


Your job is to lift 30 kgkg crates a vertical distance of 0.90 mm from the ground onto the bed of a truck. For related problem-s

olving tips and strategies, you may want to view a Video Tutor Solution of Force and power. Part A How many crates would you have to load onto the truck in one minute for the average power output you use to lift the crates to equal 0.50 hphp




The number of crates is 84580.


mass, m = 30 kg

height, h = 0.9 mm  

Power, P = 0.5 hp = 0.5 x 746 W = 373 W

time, t = 1 minute = 60 s

Let the number of crates is n.

Power is given by the rate of doing work.

P = \frac{n m gh}{t}\\\373 =\frac{n\times 30\times9.8\times 0.9\times 10^{-3}}{60}\\\\n =84580

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