Your Employer Was Impressed By Your Cv And Now He Wants To Know


Your employer was impressed by your CV and now he wants to know more about you as a person. This is a chance for you to tell you

r futur boss about yourself. the question below will help you commmunicate who you are and your motivation to work abroad.
Alternatively, you may compose a letter to your English teacher, Elena.

N.B. You are going to produce a connected text with a logical structure and paragraphs. Feel free to
add items you find interesting and relevant.
1. How would you describe yourself? How would your family or friends describe you?
2. What are you keen on (your hobbies, passions, favourite pastime etc.)? Examples can be sports, arts,
choir, martial arts, church, scouting etc.
3. Write about your family. Who is the person you feel closest to (your brother, sister, grandmother)? In
what situations do you seek advice from him/her?
4. Write about your school. What study program have you chosen (service and transport, electrician,
healthcare, restaurant and food)? Give motivation: e.g. I am interested in working with patients in a
nursing home, or I would like to work at a pharmacy. What subject/subjects are you passionate
5. What are your career plans? Write about your dream job and how you see yourself in 10 years’
time. Do you connect your future life with working abroad?
N.B. Please, include photos and give them titles. It will help your employer to get to know you better. Be
creative! 🙂
Please Heeelp me I will give to teacher tommoro. I am not so god in english​



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teacher’s like a good student this is like a very similar to you doing today attendence madam please find attached that students ok

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