Your Employees Are Skilled And Experienced Customer Service


Your employees are skilled and experienced customer service representatives who perform non-routine tasks, such as solving uniqu

e customer problems or meeting special needs with the company’s equipment. Use path-goal theory to identify and explain the most appropriate leadership style(s) you should use in this situation. b) An argument often put forward in support of teams is that they are ‘synergistic’ -‘the whole is greater than the sum of their parts’. Explain two challenges in team dynamics which makes it difficult for you to support this view




The path-goal theory is based on adjusting the leadership style to the needs of employees and the work environment, in order to achieve goals.

In the scenario above, there is a work environment composed of qualified and experienced employees for the function, so the most appropriate leadership style for this scenario according to the path-goal theory would be participative and achievement-oriented leadership.

Participative leadership is a leadership style that ensures greater involvement of employees in decision-making, is effective in a work environment that has qualified and engaged employees. The achievement-oriented leadership style refers to the challenging goals proposed by the leader to employees and the confidence he has in the employees’ ability to meet their expectations.

b) Two challenges in the team dynamics that make it difficult to support the view that teams are synergistic may be the lack of communication and a very centralized leadership.

The teams are composed of individuals with different personalities but who join their efforts to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a leadership style that is geared towards the whole of the team, that seeks to engage and respect the individualities of each member of the team but that motivates them to seek common goals. It is also necessary that communication is valued, that all members feel they are a necessary part of the team, so that the information can be passed on properly and also to avoid conflicts that may occur.

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