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Sample Waiter Cover Letter

Use this sample waiter cover letter to convince the employer that you are the
best person for the job.

This is an opportunity to highlight any relevant
experience and the skills and strengths you bring to the waiter position in a
concise format in your application letter.

Your cover letter is designed to encourage the employer to give your job
application serious consideration. Stand out from the crowd with a winning job application.


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Mrs Christine Gallo
Hiring Manager
Fine Dining
20 South Parkway
Long Island, NY 11551

Dear Mrs


I enthusiastically submit my application for the waiter position you
recently advertised on XYZ.com.
 I am confident that my experience as an energetic and hard working
customer-service professional will provide the skills you are looking for. I am
forwarding my resume for your review and consideration.

Some key points that you will find relevant to your job opportunity include:

  • Track record of meeting and exceeding the needs of each customer in a
    warm and sincere fashion.
  • A passion for food and a good knowledge of beverages.
  • Knowledgeable about appropriate table settings and service ware.
  • Excellent memory and capable of reciting, explaining and promoting a
    wide range of menu items.
  • Skilled in keeping record of multiple orders and accurately processing
  • Proven ability to work well under pressure and in a team environment.
  • Verifiable record of reliably completing shift requirements.

I pride myself on welcoming and engaging each customer in a friendly
manner, responding quickly to their needs and efficiently resolving any
concerns they may have.  I  would welcome the opportunity to meet
with you to further discuss the waiter job opportunity.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jack Jobseeker

Useful waiter cover letter phrases

These are the skills and competencies employers generally look for in a
waiter, waitress or server.

Use these phrases to build your own relevant waiter application or cover

Proven ability to efficiently multitask to meet demands
from customers.

Solid working knowledge of hygiene and safety standards and

Familiar with a wide range of food preparation methods.

Excellent track record of up-selling menu items.

Proficient in handling a range of financial transactions with a high
degree of accuracy.

Able to deliver food promptly and professionally and provide
excellent follow up service.

Quick to develop a complete understanding of all menu items and

Skilled at communicating responsively with customers and clearly
with other staff.

Record of promptly and effectively addressing complaints and issues
and providing the right information.

Able to remain professional and calm in a high stress  environment.

What are typical waiter duties and skills?

This waiter job description will help you to make your waiter cover letter relevant to the job opportunity.

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